Pitchbang on 25 September 2014 @ Rocket Park Zürich

PitchBang wants to encourage people to start working on new ideas. We bring together different personalities and skills and push people to build teams for their projects. Although the the events target is not to create new companies, but much more to push and motivate people to do the first required steps.


Coder with fantasy (IT)

Haves: Could build facebook in one week, can build prototypes.
Looking for: A cool new project, the next big story.

Field expert with own idea

Haves: Great idea, coming from his own field of expertise.
Looking for: A team to jumpstart the project.


Haves: Can analyse markets, writes financial plans and knows how to sale.
Looking For: A new project to invest time in.


18:00 60 seconds pitches - ideas, background, interests
19:00 Contact cards-wall will be organised
19:00 Beer and Pizza for everyone

Event will be in English.

Event Date: 25.09.2014
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Max Attendees: 50


Rocket Park Zürich
Räffelstrasse 25
CH-8045 Zürich

This event will only be organised 4 times a year.
If you want to be part of it click on this link and register yourself:

You'll get a CHF 40 UBER promocode to ride to our event